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Interview with Lauren Oliver


YA Books:

1. Throughout Pandemonium, I was absolutely shocked at my attitude for Julian. I had thought my loyalty to Alex was solid, but I began to fall in love little by little with Julian as well! When and how did you decide to stray from the intense passion and dedication between Lena and Alex?
I don't think I strayed from it. Both Alex and Julian are very important to Lena. Alex is her first love, and that's very intense and very important, but Julian shows that there is love after loss, which is something I think is equally important to show.

2. Requiem is told from both Hana's and Lena's point of view. Will their paths intertwine throughout the book, or will it be more of a shocking revelation as with Alex in Pandemonium?
They're on separate paths for most of the book, but they do connect at some point.

3. Many times in YA books, I feel as if the best friend is just that-the best friend. They are the ones the bad guys can use for ransoms, or the wild ones the main character compares herself to longingly. But Hana has so much more depth. What was the inspiration behind the character?
I wanted to show someone who was very different then Lena, and has a very different kind of strength. I hoped to show the different reactions that young people had to the conditions they were living in. 

4. If you weren't an author and could be anything you wanted to, what would you be?
That's a hard question because I always wanted to be an author! Maybe a chef! Something creative definitely.

5. What was the craziest piece of fan mail you've ever received?
Someone once told me they'd figured out where I lived. That was kinda scary!

6. What academic path would you suggest for the aspiring and hopeful writer?
To work really hard, read as much as you can, and write every day.

7. Where were you when you had the idea for the series?
At the gym!

8. What were the very first inspirations for the raw idea for the series?
An essay by Gabriel Garcia Marquez and a TV news piece about pandemics! 

9. When did you start writing?
As soon as I physically could! 

10. What were your favorite books as a kid?
Roald Dahl! I loved Matilda!

11. What was the last book that you read?
The Sense of An Ending, by Julian Barnes.

12. If you had to marry Alex or Julian, who would you marry?
Personally? Probably Julian

13. Lena has to learn to adapt to unusual situations, such as the Wilds. What is the most unusual situation you have ever found yourself in?
Oh, yikes...I can't tell you that! I've been in a bunch of weird situations. None of them involve the natural world, though. Humans are much crazier and harder to predict than animals, I find. 

14. Do you have any pets?
I just rescued a cat! He's very handsome.

15. If you had to sum Alex, Julian, and Lena's love triangle-for I assume there will be a love triangle- in Requiem in two words, what would they be?
Not exactly.... :)
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