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Guest Blogger: Pauline Harris

Hey y'all,
I'm really excited for you all to read a bit about Pauline today. She is the perfect example of not waiting to follow your dreams. When some of you might say, "I want to be an author when I grow up," remember that Pauline is only 16 and has a book in the works already. It's never too early to follow your dreams, and Pauline is the perfect example of that. Make sure to check out Mechanical this spring! Also, make sure to take a look at The Secrets of Evelyn Taylor.

Hi, I’m Pauline Harris, I’m a sixteen-year old author and I’ve been writing since I was eight years old.  I’m flattered and excited to be writing my first guest blog post here.
I’m an avid reader and always enjoy books with futuristic and fantasy themes.  Some of the books that were most inspirational for me were the Inkheart series by Cornelia Funke and the Maximum Ride series by James Patterson.    
Recently, I wrote a trilogy and the first book, Mechanical, is scheduled to be published sometime next spring.  I’m thrilled that I’ve signed with a publisher.  I mean, since I was twelve years old my dream has been to somehow get published and now that its happening I’m almost in shock.  There are moments when I think that I need to keep searching literary agents and publishers online, and then I’ll suddenly remember…I don’t need to anymore.  It’s weird after basically years of querying, I’m done.  I have nothing to do with myself now, other than school... 
Write another book?
Anyway, I’m here to talk about Mechanical, and talk about Mechanical I will.  I’m very proud of it, but I’m the author so that goes without saying.  I love it and hate it at the same time; a strange mix of emotions that makes me want to either smile or scream every time I read it.
Here’s a short description:

Mechanical is a story about an android girl named Drew who suddenly finds herself caught between two worlds; humanity and perfection. 
Drew is told from the very beginning of her superiority and enormous responsibilities.  She was created for a mission, they tell her; a mission more important than anything she could ever have imagined. 
Drew is sent to a high school, being ordered to observe the humans and report back to her creators.  But when Drew forms friendships with these humans and starts feeling strange human emotions, she begins to doubt her creators’ ways of dealing with her and wonders whether her mission is as brilliant as it once seemed. 
As Drew falls deeper and deeper into the mystery surrounding her mission and her creation, she is suddenly left with a choice between what she’s known all her life and what she knows is right.

That’s basically Mechanical in a nutshell.  Throw in some romance, spirituality, backstabbing and moral issues, and there you have it.  It’s kind of a conglomeration of many things but if I had to name it by one or two genres, I’d have to go with dystopian and science fiction. 
I’ve always wanted to write a book about a robot – ever since I was little.  I love Star Trek, and anything that has to do with science fiction and futuristic madness, so I’ve always liked the idea of an intelligent computer posing as a human.  When I finally came up with the idea for the Mechanical Trilogy, I was super excited and started writing furiously, blissfully unaware of the hours of painful editing I would have to suffer through later.  But, it was all worth it.     
Mechanical doesn’t have a set release date yet, as it’s in the early stages of publishing, but I can tentatively say sometime next spring.  I seriously can’t wait. 
It’s planned to be a three book series, followed by ‘Perfect’ and ‘Flawed’.  You can check them out at  There you will find synopsizes of all three books in the series.  I hope you get a chance to check it out. 
Thank you so much for reading this post and let me conclude with one of my favorite inspirational quotes that helped me in my journey to becoming published: “Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you’ll land among the stars.” Brian Littrell.
Hope to see you among the stars!

All the best,

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