Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Review: Hidden by Sophie Jordan

Hidden is so many things. At the end of trilogies that evoke such passion in me such as Sophie Jordan's FIRELIGHT trilogy, I usually am a bit sad for a while, forget about it, then revisit the characters later. While this series still falls under my all time favorites category, I felt a new sense of resolution in the conclusion of HIDDEN. Nobody had to die for the love triangle to cease between Cassian, Jacinda, and Will. Nobody disappeared mysteriously or got abducted by aliens. It was a clean, normal conclusion that left me feeling content with the series rather than distraught at its end. The plot of HIDDEN was fantastic, as expected, and Jacinda's character was as feisty as ever. While I wish there was more romance between Cassian and Jacinda, I understood their relationship and I wasn't, like, traumatized when they don't have little Draki babies together...
It's difficult to successfully introduce a new character in the third book in the trilogy, but the character of Deghan was assimilated into the story line flawlessly, and the depth he conveys in such a limited amount of "page time" is surreal. Every character flourishes into something greater or more interesting in HIDDEN, developing far past it's prequels. We see a sensitive Corbin, a genuine Cassian, a happy Tamra, a jealous Will, a amicable Miram, and an even fiercer and braver Jacinda. Sophie Jordan has written us a flawless finale to an incredible journey.

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