Monday, December 10, 2012

Review: OPAL by JLA


I have literally been staring, dumbfounded, at my keyboard for what seems like forever. Why, you ask? Because I'm absolutely speechless at the hands of OPAL by Jennifer Armentrout. I still cannot even begin to process how any one book in a series as unbelievably fantastic as the LUX SERIES can surpass its unbelievably fantastic predecessors. When I first read OBSIDIAN, if someone had told me that it wouldn't be the peak of the series, I would have thought it a crazier notion than having my own personal pen-poking Daemon, or having a blizzard in Dallas. But OPAL exceeded my expectations beyond anything I could have imagined in my wildest dreams...which, by the way, after just finishing OPAL, are guaranteed to have some steamy Luxen sightings. As the story kicks off, we pick up at Kat's house, where she has just returned from her rather unpleasant visit with Mr. Michael's, her mom's sadistic, twisted boyfriend. Did I mention she was tortured...and held
captive in a cage? All seems well when OPAL begins, however, and with Dawson finally home and safe,if not a bit dour as a result of his imprisonment, the readers are given an almost false sense od security. The normal heated banter continues with Kat and Daemon's relationship, but in this installment of the LUX series, there is a bit more emphasis on the, ah, heated part. Though some relationships need healing after everything that caused so much pain in ONYX, theirs is one that only seems to progress. We are privy to a sweeter, more vulnerable Daemon, but one who still knows how to pull out the charm and the smoldering looks. When an unsuspected character returns--no way will you see this one coming--the romance steps up even higher. With Dawson back and with the grief over Adam's death hanging over them like a black curtain, there is not much time for Daemon and Kat to focus on their relationship...So, every second they do have alone makes op for time
lost....if you get what I'm saying. Amidst the drama that the unsuspected visitor brings with him, a plan forms to rescue those held captive that they love the most--namely, Beth. To prepare, we witness a stronger Kat and even get to meet some hysterical new characters, who hang out in some INTERESTING places. The new and improved Kitten develops her kick ass/ ninja / Jedi/ superhero/ Luxen hybrid powers. But is it enough? The ending of the book will leave you just as speechless as i was. But then you won't be able to stop blabbing about it, just like this! OPAL is literally the perfect blend of romance and action, and I can hardly wait to get my hands on the next installment!!!!

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