Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Review: Entangled by Nikki Jefford

REVIEW: a storyline fit for a Disney movie-in the good way. Like Twitches or The Luck of The Irish, it's filled with magic and fun, not omitting a serious morale to be learned. The twin witch shtick might be a teensy bit overdone, the good sister/ evil sister concept a bit weary, but I actually really enjoyed reading about identical twins Charlene and Graylee Perez. Gray is the "good" twin, a simple, intelligent girl who works hard and has a good head on her shoulders. Though she seemingly struggles with her magical powers--the powers "gifted" people have--Gray is really a very talented witch. Her other half, evil beyotch drama queen Charlene, has secretly been sabotaging her sister and getting away with it, too--along with some help from her annoying friend, Ryan. I actually thought Charlene's character was too cliche and therefore a little annoying, but her relationship with Ryan was intriguing, and her obsession and desire for popularity and school hottie, Blake foster gave me chills. When Stacey Morehouse (Whorehouse to the angry locals) moves in on Blake, Charlene shows her true colors. At this point in the book I started to enjoy it more, which excited me since I was sort of confused by the beginning and was doubting I'd even tolerate Entangled. But as the intro concluded, the drama really picked up and I felt I was looking at a magical version of The Clique. The bad boy character of Raj Mckenna helped me, too. Like most Good Girl Falls for The Wrong Boy Who Is Really The Right Boy scenarios, Raj sheds his hard exterior and shows a caring, sweet side who loves his little sister and has secrets that make him vulnerable. That relationship had happened again, and again, and again....and again, and again, and again. I saw it coming before I turned past the title page. Nevertheless, it seems readers will never get tired of the feeling when the good girl falls for the bad boy, because in reality, all of us good girls secretly yearn to let loose and fall for a pair of big brown eyes in a leather jacket. Raj Mckenna has the same effect. Entangled also hosts the tradish love triangle with a boy named Nolan, who I personally couldn't stand from the beginning. Any guy that can't hold a gaze or a real conversation is not worth my time...especially not in a book. So it's safe to say Nolan took annoying to an extreme, even showing a twisted side when he sides with Charlene to try to um, take care of a little problem called Graylee Perez. When the book begins to end, I was disappointed that the female heroine didn't exemplify the justice I've come to expect from said female heroines. If I'm being honest, I don't see Entangled being the next Hunger Games. I still think it's a good read though, and I encourage you all to read it and tell me what you think. One note: there are hints of sexual encounters on a few occasions.

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