Thursday, July 12, 2012

Anna Banks Giveaway

Write a review on Amazon for Of Poseidon!! After the 200th review, Anna Banks will be giving away an audio edition to one of her twitter followers! Mine is below, and I would love to hear what y'all think as well!

Of Poseidon, by Anna Banks, is truly incredible. I literally did not put it down for anything-eating, sleeping, speaking-anything. It reminded me of Firelight, by Sophie Jordan, in that it took a basic fairy tale theme to a whole new level. Mermaids, or Syrena, make for moody, yet enticing and yummy, boyfriends. Half mermaids make for spicy, sassy, alpha females. Lastly, extremely dramatic cliff hangers make for a crazy Anna. I absolutely cannot wait for the next read in the series, as this book quickly made me a huge fan. It's a must read!!

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