Thursday, July 12, 2012

Review for Beloved Purgatory by Katherine Pine

Beloved Purgatory 
Sometimes God has a good reason for breaking your heart.

Devi always feared God took her brother because there was something horrible about her. She’s about to find out she was right.
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A Sequel to AFTER EDEN, Beloved Purgatory is a must-read in my book. It explores the growing fallen angel theme, and takes it to new depths. You have this careful balance of good and evil, light and dark, between Devi and her brother, between Cam and Oz. Usually I can tell immediately what team I'm on in terms of boys. But as protective Cam, who is literally an angel, begins to let emotion and maybe even a hint of love seep through his hard exterior. And then there is Azazel: Oz. Though he is darkness incarnate, when he lets his vulnerability show with a falling tear or a sweet smile, I'm pretty sure no once can resist him! I mean that, and his bad boy charm. I love it when a book makes me wonder about things- little things like a high school crush or big things like your faith. Beloved Purgatory does both for me. I absolutely love this series! I cannot wait to read more, and I'm super siked for the Fallen Angels book number 3. This book is a must-read, as well as Eternal Eden!!! I give the series 9 out of 10 stars!

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